HeatoN Monday December 4th, 2017 – Posted in: Festival News

Emil Christensen is a familiar name to most Swedes. Say HeatoN on the other hand and millions of people will know who you’re talking about. The living legend that began with gaming as a young boy, now one of the world’s biggest esport profiles.

Emil is an active ambassador of e-sport and was in 2016 chosen to be part of the newly established Hall of Fame in Cologne. Today, he helps young players develop their skills, engages in youth health issues and runs charity projects.

Emil Christensen is considered one of the best Counter-Strike players throughout the ages and has won eight World Cup gold medals. His team “Ninjas in Pajamas” belongs to the gaming elite ranks and HeatoN is estimated to have made millions of dollars in prize money, that he now uses to help young people with game development and in health projects